Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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This System Tool 2011 removal guide includes 2 System Tool 2011 Videos and a Manual Guide.

Jacob is the Creator of this guide and the person donating his time and efforts to create the videos for this guide as well as any updates. He is also helping to respond to comments for the System Tool 2011 guide. You can show your support by clicking the FaceBook Like button and by mentioning the RemoveVirus.org website to others. All purchases of software linked on this site also help support the RV website.

Updated: 3-6-2011: Latest instruction set added for newer traces.

Updated: 1-09-2011: New Security Tool 2011 file paths.

Description: System Tool 2011 AKA System Tool is a clone of Security Tool. This false security client is nothing more than a scam setup to steal peoples money.

How Did I get infected with System Tool 2011?
Computers get infected with System Tool 2011 from what is known as a Drive By Download and from installing a program that that thought was something else like a video update. A drive by download is when a malicious website or website that has been hacked, injects code onto that web page and when a user visits the page he/she is prompted to run or install a program. In some cases these programs may auto install. Most paid clients out there like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus are able to block these types of infections. If your antivirus software did not block this install you should consider making a switch. It's obvious whatever you have is not protecting you.

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